ZZK Documentaries

This club is not just your ordinary club. They are all over the place. Aside from creating outstanding music they also create meaningful documentaries.

Analog Memories

The club looks back on how their recording started. I love this video because it shows different faces of the city of Ecuador. ZZK didn’t start big, in fact they started small. We are amazed that they didn’t forget where they came from that took them to where they are today.

The Sound Of Change

If you haven’t visit ZZK, you can get a glimpse how the club looks like. The video also makes fun of Slavoj Zizek, a philosopher. The clubs was named after him. He said during one of his interviews that it was ironic to have a club named after him because he never danced or sang because his psychologically incapable to do it. Then on the video, you’ll see his copy pasted face dancing and singing.


What separates ZZK from other clubs is they are making a change. On the video you will meet LG and he gives an overview the reasons behind ZZK films. When the world is showing negativity, ZZK wants to bring you positivity, art, and music. They also regard history for the music we have today. They acknowledged that what we make today in music are not original, they are just reinvented because ancient music was buried by time.