ZZK Club

Hi everyone! We are so excited in making this website about our favorite club. Our group of friends are so willing to buy the tickets and have a flight to ZZK Club. This place is magical. They don’t only make you move and dance to the beat but also they intoxicate you with great original music.

Reasons Why We Fell In Love With ZZK

Great Original Music


We said it already but the music is so great that it deserves to be mentioned twice. The club supports independent composers and artists. They have all the kind of mixes from trance music, pop to contemporary music, they have it all here.

Interesting Personalities

They don’t only look for amazing talents but also they get people with great personalities. You can approach them after performances, party with them, and ask them questions. They don’t withhold the attention and care that the fans need.

Nice Club With A Great View

ZZK Club is founded in 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Until now, they still operate and gaining patriots like us. We are not from Argentina, it just so happen that we travelled and tried this recommended club and we fell for it.

Support ZZK

Since the club supports artists to create original albums, they need budget. You can show your support by buying their cool tshirts, albums, and simply buying their albums online: merch.zzkrecords.com