How To Party Right

Are you a party lover? You probably experienced having a major hangover the next morning and you swear to your self that you’ll never drink that hard again. Here comes another Friday, and you made the same mistake again. Learn how to party right. Balance is everything when it comes to hangover.

Get Hydrated

When we say hydrated, we mean get hydrated with water not liquor. Most of the time we get thirsty due to continuous dancing. We tend to resort to a vodka to relieve our thirst. The thing with liquor is it makes you more thirsty and you’ll end up drinking more.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

If you visit a prominent club, they have dressing codes. Some clubs don’t allow slippers. To avoid being reprimanded observe the rules. Here’s another thing for women, wear something sexy but not too revealing. It gives signals to the guys that you want some tender loving spank on your butt cheek. To avoid confrontations, wear something nice but not too revealing. Just a friendly reminder.

If You Could Manage It, Help Yourself From Moving Too Much When Drinking

Alcohol gets absorbed by the body faster when you move a lot. We suggest that you do the drinking when you want to rest a little bit. It relaxes you and at the same time, you are preventing the alcohol to kick in that fast.

Drink Moderately

This is the rule that is very common specially when you are driving after the party. Accidents have a higher chance to occur when you are drunk because it stuns some of your senses. Save yourself from injuries and assault by giving yourself a little discipline when it comes to alcohol.

If Confrontations Occur, Be A Peacemaker

It is normal that we become more prone to becoming irritable when drunk. We had this experience because we have a friend who wants to punch somebody on the face whenever he gets drunk. We learned our lesson the hard way. The best and easiest way to get out of trouble is to be a peace maker. It doesn’t mean that you are a coward but rather smart. So choose the smart way.

Always Bring Protection

We are adults and should know our responsibility. When you are going to a club and you are single, chances are you are going to get laid. But do this cautiously. Bring protection to save yourself from HIV/AIDS. It’s okay to have fun but don’t do it if you are endangering yourself.