Going Techy and Innovative When Clubbing

Think you’re not bringing the right stuff when you go to a club? Well, spice up your nightlife by going innovative!

Power Bank


Don’t you just despise it when you’re having a great time recording a video of your favorite band or artist then suddenly your phone battery goes empty? Ugh! An empty battery means no more taking of photos, no more documenting, no more internet. And when you’re in the club, you really need your phone to be up until you’re up. The best way to resolve this issue is by taking a power bank with you! A small one will do as long as it can charge your phone’s battery till it’s full again. A power bank also eliminates the necessity to look for a power outlet just to charge your phone.

LED Light Stick

Turn your dancing and clubbing into something more fun with your DIY led light stick! To make one, you only have to visit MorissonTech’s innovation lab. Trust me; you’ll be able to make more than a glowing light in this place! You can invent your own club gadgets too. Anything’s possible because this center has all the equipment you’ll ever need. Visit the lab and satisfy your creative mind!

Safe Drink Device

This is especially for girls who don’t want to be victims of guys who put something in others’ drinks to put them to sleep. You can invent a device that you can dip into your drink and will analyze the content of the drink. It’s an excellent way to check out if the drink that the stranger gave is safe for you! It may sound a bit difficult to invent but believe me; you can come up with such a gadget if you know the right tools and the best innovation lab.

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Glowing Shirt


Want to be the center of attention? Well, wear something that glows or lights up when you move! Once again, you can produce one if you know where to go (obviously MorrisonTech). You can come up with a shirt (or a jacket) that glows or lights up each time you move a lot. You don’t have to make the entire shirt glow, perhaps on the seams or the midpart. It’s up to you! Just be sure to light it up to bring more color to your clubbing session! Everyone will surely notice you.