Why Hongdae Should be on Your Seoul Itinerary

To say that there are just too many things to cover on a trip to Seoul would be an understatement. South Korea’s capital city is simply brimming with attractions. The architecture, art, culture, design, food, entertainment, shopping hubs, and so much more will make you want to explore everything. With an overwhelming array of possible destinations to go within the city, choosing which places to go on your first visit can be a real challenge. But if you have to come up with a short list, try not to skip a visit to Seoul’s best-known university neighborhood. Here are some of the top things to do in Hongdae, among the many that make for a fun and memorable trip.

1. Discover the diverse attractions of Hongdae Playground located just in front at the other side of the road of Hongik University. Check out the graffiti on the walls surrounding the playground or watch the children and childlike people play on the swing or slides. Or you can spend time conversing with artists or watch them perform or create art.

2. Experience noraebang at one of the karaoke places in the area like the renowned Luxury Su Noraebang. And for a reasonable price, you can avail of the store’s promo of unlimited popcorn and drinks. Not to mention the ice cream.

3. Enjoy the Korean nightlife without burning a hole in your pocket by checking out the clubs in Hongdae. You can take your pick from among the best clubbing spots in the area as well as the many affordable bars and restaurants you can find if you are looking for a good meal before you party the night away.