Artists We Love

Dat Garcia

Dat Garcia is the first ever woman who joined the club. They’ve been waiting for her. She emerged and wants us to listen to her music. Her first albumĀ Maleducada shows what’s wrong with the society’s upbringing to young generations. She likes to write music with deep meaning. She is fun, feisty, and courageous. She speaks for women who long for equality and acceptance. She is not a believer of the latest trend, she only wants women to be their self, free to express who really they are.


Fristtailers will bring you to a new height of energy as they play their music for you. What we like about this amazing duo is they are not restricted by geographical limitations. They produce multi-rhythmic music and mix it with other genre. Their music is rich in details that we cannot categorize it anymore.

Nicolas Cruz

Want a taste of Ecuador? Nicola Cruz will take you there. His music successfully collided traditional music and modern music together. His music is interesting and a fresh breath of air for music lovers. You should give it a chance.


when we first saw him, we immediately said, “this guy got some appeal”. He is not all about the looks, he also have a great music to offer. His music takes you to Argentinian backwoods. It has some country touch with modern style.