For the Love of Weapons and Skins

Instead of clubbing and going out tonight, why don’t you just chill and place a CS GO bet? You could win win more skins and rarer ones for your CSGO weapons and have the best night of your life!

But first, let’s take a closer look at these virtual goods and other related terms.



These finishes have become popular ever since the Arms Deal update happened in CS:GO. They are cosmetic designs that change the appearance of players’ weapons. Though they don’t alter the power of a gun or knife, they’re still thrilling to collect. Below are some ways on how you can acquire a skin.

  • Random drops – A skin could be obtained in-game through a random drop
  • Opening cases – You could also get one when you open a case (you’ll need a key to open the case—more of this later)
  • Trading – You could also exchange skins with other players for a skin that has a higher value. For instance, you can trade 10 normal skins for a skin with a higher quality using a trade up contract.
  • Free – Some sites also give free skins but be wary, since most of them are scammers


Skins can be categorized according to grade quality, exterior quality, and function.

Below is the order of grade qualities from highest to lowest:

  • p90_asiimovExtremely Rare: Gold
  • Ancient: Covert
  • Legendary: Classified
  • Mythical: Restricted
  • Rare: Mil-Spec
  • Uncommon: Industrial
  • Common: Consumer

Meanwhile, here’s the order of skins from the slowest to wear and tear to the fastest:

  • Factory New
  • Minimal Wear
  • Field-Tested
  • Well-Word
  • Battle-Scarred

Lastly, here’s the classification based on how the skins function:

  • Normal – These skins don’t have anything special, hence the name. They’re the standard ones.
  • Stat-Trak – These feature a small LED display on the gun that enables the player to track how many people the gun has killed. Buying one from a community market will reset the kill counter, which means you won’t be able to bask in the glory of the previous owner’s kills.
  • Souvenir – These are extremely rare and are worth hundreds of bucks. They are, however rare, still function the same way as their normal counterparts.


gamma_keyAs mentioned earlier, you’ll need a key to open a case with a skin in it. Sadly, you’ll have to purchase a key for USD 2.49. All keys have the same price regardless of what type you’re going to buy. Just remember to purchase the matching key for the type of crate you’ve received.


How to Go Clubbing with Limited Cash

Want to go to the club, but you’re short on cash? Don’t worry; we have five effective solutions for you!

Follow A Budget You’ve Previously Set


Okay, this might sound a bit weird and inapplicable, but if you have limited cash with you and you still want to spend the night partyin’, you better set a budget before you leave the house. Setting a limit will help you save some money for yourself the next days, instead of spending everything you have in a single night. Decide how much you can spend, leave the rest of your cash at home (ideally somewhere you can’t easily access), and stick to the plan. Trust me; you’ll be thanking yourself later if you do this. After all, you can’t trust yourself after a few drinks, right?

You could also take your prepaid card with you that comes with an app which will remind you how much you’ve already spent so that you know when it’s time to leave the dance floor and hit the road.

Leave Your Credit Card

Do yourself a huge favor by leaving your credit card at home. You don’t want to look at your bank account the next day with your jaw dropped and eyes shocked, right? Bringing it will only cause you to swipe and swipe without tracking how much you’ve spent. That’s because it doesn’t work the same way as your debit card.

Borrow Money


If you’re low on cash and you just have to party and enjoy yourself, then you could read this article about money. It will tell you how you can get cash fast. But be warned: When taking out loans or lines of credit, you should only borrow the amount you need. No more, no less.

Eat Up

Have you ever heard of carbo-loading? It means you have to eat lots of food loaded with carbohydrates. And doing it before you go clubbing would benefit you and your bank account. Eat a proper meal at home so you can avoid ordering expensive foods to go well with your drinks. Besides, it’s not advisable to drink with an empty tummy, so you gotta eat before you drink.

Choose the Best Club

cocktail-club-drinkSome clubs have limited offers that allow you to purchase a pitcher which is more affordable than its individual counterpart. It’s recommended to look for clubs that also offer a discount for those who enter the club by five or more.

Also, bear in mind that beer on tap is cheaper than bottled beer.

Drink promos are everywhere, and with a limited budget, all you have to do is keep an eye out for these promotions before you head inside.


Why Hongdae Should be on Your Seoul Itinerary

Hongdae Street

To say that there are just too many things to cover on a trip to Seoul would be an understatement. South Korea’s capital city is simply brimming with attractions. The architecture, art, culture, design, food, entertainment, shopping hubs, and so much more will make you want to explore everything. With an overwhelming array of possible destinations to go within the city, choosing which places to go on your first visit can be a real challenge. But if you have to come up with a short list, try not to skip a visit to Seoul’s best-known university neighborhood. Here are some of the top things to do in Hongdae, among the many that make for a fun and memorable trip.

1. Discover the diverse attractions of Hongdae Playground located just in front at the other side of the road of Hongik University. Check out the graffiti on the walls surrounding the playground or watch the children and childlike people play on the swing or slides. Or you can spend time conversing with artists or watch them perform or create art.

2. Experience noraebang at one of the karaoke places in the area like the renowned Luxury Su Noraebang. And for a reasonable price, you can avail of the store’s promo of unlimited popcorn and drinks. Not to mention the ice cream.

3. Enjoy the Korean nightlife without burning a hole in your pocket by checking out the clubs in Hongdae. You can take your pick from among the best clubbing spots in the area as well as the many affordable bars and restaurants you can find if you are looking for a good meal before you party the night away.


How To Party Right

Are you a party lover? You probably experienced having a major hangover the next morning and you swear to your self that you’ll never drink that hard again. Here comes another Friday, and you made the same mistake again. Learn how to party right. Balance is everything when it comes to hangover.

Get Hydrated

When we say hydrated, we mean get hydrated with water not liquor. Most of the time we get thirsty due to continuous dancing. We tend to resort to a vodka to relieve our thirst. The thing with liquor is it makes you more thirsty and you’ll end up drinking more.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

If you visit a prominent club, they have dressing codes. Some clubs don’t allow slippers. To avoid being reprimanded observe the rules. Here’s another thing for women, wear something sexy but not too revealing. It gives signals to the guys that you want some tender loving spank on your butt cheek. To avoid confrontations, wear something nice but not too revealing. Just a friendly reminder.

If You Could Manage It, Help Yourself From Moving Too Much When Drinking

Alcohol gets absorbed by the body faster when you move a lot. We suggest that you do the drinking when you want to rest a little bit. It relaxes you and at the same time, you are preventing the alcohol to kick in that fast.

Drink Moderately

This is the rule that is very common specially when you are driving after the party. Accidents have a higher chance to occur when you are drunk because it stuns some of your senses. Save yourself from injuries and assault by giving yourself a little discipline when it comes to alcohol.

If Confrontations Occur, Be A Peacemaker

It is normal that we become more prone to becoming irritable when drunk. We had this experience because we have a friend who wants to punch somebody on the face whenever he gets drunk. We learned our lesson the hard way. The best and easiest way to get out of trouble is to be a peace maker. It doesn’t mean that you are a coward but rather smart. So choose the smart way.

Always Bring Protection

We are adults and should know our responsibility. When you are going to a club and you are single, chances are you are going to get laid. But do this cautiously. Bring protection to save yourself from HIV/AIDS. It’s okay to have fun but don’t do it if you are endangering yourself.